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We do not have any parts, guns, or info related to the old Iver Johnson name.  Please contact your local gun dealer for any questions related to old Iver Johnson products.  Thank you.

Iver Johnson manufactures and imports a full line of 1911 style pistols, and pump shotguns.  If an Iver Johnson gun is not listed on this website as something we carry, then we do not have any information or parts related to the gun.  We do carry a few older model magazines.  Click on the "magazines" page for details. 


Eagle XL - 6" barrel

MSRP - $845  (click on "1911 45's black" more details)

Eagle XL Ported

MSRP - $920 (click on "1911 45's black" more details)

Thrasher Polished - 40 S&W

MSRP - $749
(Click "1911 compact" for details)

1911A1 Boa 45acp

MSRP - $770 (Click "1911 Snake Series" for details)

Eagle LR Zombie

MSRP - $1079 (Click "1911 Zombie" for details)

Hawk Digital Navy 45acp

MSRP - $860 (Click "1911 Digital Camo" for details)

1911A1 Digital Snow 45acp

MSRP - $770 (Click "1911 Digital Camo" for details)