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                       Warranty Information

There is a factory registration card included in the box with your firearm when bought new. Please fill this out when you purchase your new firearm and mail it to us.  We will need this card completed in order to help you with possible future warranty work.  

For warranty work, please call 321-636-3377 or email us at cholwerda@iverjohnsonarms.com to discuss your repair needs before you return your shotgun.

If warranty work is approved, you will be given a return address to send back the firearm for repairs.  Make sure you include your return address and a contact phone number, along with your sales receipt and a short description of the problem with your firearm. You will be required to pay for freight to our facility.  

Every Iver Johnson Arms, Inc. firearm is warranted only to the original retail customer for one year from date of purchase. It is warranted against defects in material and workmanship. All parts and labor are covered by Iver Johnson Arms, Inc. at our option. Shipping of the firearm to our repair facility must be paid for by you, the customer. We will pay for return shipping of the firearm to the customer, under this one year limited warranty. Damage caused by failure to perform normal maintenance to the firearm, damage caused by the use of reloaded, high velocity, high pressure, or other non standard ammunition, or any other unauthorized repair, modification, abuse, or alteration to the firearm is NOT covered by this Limited Warranty and the warranty is void. There will be a charge for labor, test firing, and parts related to repairs which are not covered under this warranty, and shipping to and from our facility will be charged to you, the customer.  

Any wood on a stock, forend, or grip is not covered under this one year limited warranty.  The warranty on any wood item is 60 days and is limited to the original retail customer, extending 60 days from the date of retail purchase and covers only manufacturer and material defects.  

This limited warranty covers manufacturer defects in the finish of your firearm.  It does not cover dings, scratchs, scuffs, or any other type of environmental damage or damage caused by exterior variables.  Transportation to our repair facilities, government fees, damage caused by failure to perform normal maintenance, sales outside the United States, damage caused by use of high velocity, high pressure, reloaded or other nonstandard ammunition, or by any unauthorized repair, modification, misuse, abuse or alteration of your firearm is not covered by this Limited Warranty.  

You will need to enclose a copy of your retail purchase sales receipt with your firearm when you ship it to us. This will be required to prove date of purchase and if it was bought as a new firearm, which will aid in determining if you qualify for warranty work.

NOTICE: It is illegal to ship any firearm with ammunition in the firearm or in the same package.  Be sure your firearm, and its shipping container, is empty of all ammunition before shipping.